woman holding heart over her stomach
February 13, 2023

When people think about gut health, the first thing that comes to mind is losing weight. However, there is much more to the equation. It is also important to limit the amount of bad bacteria that makes its way to your stomach, which can cause a multitude of problems. In order to improve upon your healthy lifestyle, let’s look at 4 of the best ways to support gut health:

1. Dieting the Right Way

foods rich in fiber

We know, no one likes to hear the word diet because it normally means you are having to give up the foods that you enjoy the most. However, it’s more important to focus on the foods that you are eating versus what not to eat. In order to maintain a healthy gut, it’s important to eat foods that are high in fiber. Studies have shown that Americans on average get only about 40 to 50 percent of the recommended fiber intake each day. That is why it is crucial to plan your diet around things such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. We also have a Gut Health Bundle that contains multiple supplements to protect your gut health!

2. Focus on Sleep

On the surface, it may be hard to see how sleep can be tied in with gut health. However, your body does a lot of things while you are asleep, including breaking down nutrients and bacteria. That is why not getting enough sleep has been linked to a higher prevalence of obesity. People who are overweight not only suffer from digestive system disorders, but are also more prone to things such as heart disease, diabetes, and other health concerns. In order to get on a good sleep schedule, focus on getting in bed and waking up at the same time each and every day.

3. Consistent Exercise

couple running up stairs

Exercising on a regular basis does so much for your overall health, including your gut. However, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym every day to see results. As with dieting, the important thing is consistency. Even a short 30-minute walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get moving! Once you establish a workout routine, you will find yourself losing weight and feeling better emotionally throughout the day. Find an activity that you enjoy doing, and recruit some friends and family to join you for a social workout!

4. Win the Mental Game

You may be surprised to learn that there is a huge connection between mental health and gut health. When you are dealing with mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression, you are less likely to eat right and get the exercise you need. In addition, you may be more prone to get an upset stomach when you are feeling down. In order to combat this issue, try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. It’s also important to find activities that you enjoy doing when you are struggling mentally, such as watching your favorite television show or going out with friends.

Would you like to learn more ways to improve gut health? Contact our Texas pharmacies today to get on track to a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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