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We want to provide you with the best healthcare possible. Consult with a pharmacist today to talk about your health needs and how we can help!

We offer the following consultations:


Hormone Consultations

At a hormone consultation, we’ll discuss your symptoms, review lab work and then we can make a recommendation to send to your physician for hormone replacement. We will also discuss supplements or other products that might be helpful for your symptoms.


Nutrition Consultations

At a nutrition consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and reasons for wanting to make a change, and where you are in terms of lifestyle and diet. We then will recommend nutritional supplements or lifestyle changes to meet your needs.


General Medical Consults

At a general medical consult, we’ll conduct a medical review by asking questions regarding, symptoms, overall health, review your lab work, and listen to any concerns you have. We then will make a recommendation that you can take to your physician or we can contact your physician for you. If it is not necessary to make a recommendation to your physician we will recommend nutritional supplements that might be beneficial for your symptoms.

If you have any questions regarding our health consultations, please contact us!